My new job

So, I got a new job. I have the toughest boss ever. I mean really, he’s unrelenting.

For one thing, the hours are ludicrous. He expects me to work around the clock. Shifts begin very early in the morning and last long in to the night. Just when I think I might get a short reprieve from his demands, he has me back on the clock again.  In my sleep-deprived haze, I am expected to be relaxed and ready to perform tasks that are the lifeblood of his survival. And, let’s just say he insists on staying abreast of everything! Some other tasks required of me are just down right shitty.

He is not the best of communicators either, I often have a difficult time discerning what exactly he expects or needs from me and he screams at me with such rage and derision that I feel absolutely helpless in meeting his needs. I can confuse his hunger with the fact that he might alternatively be tired, cold, hot or lonely.

He expects absolute loyalty and total commitment to the job. If I waver even for a second to try and perform a task outside of what he has asked for, I am met with further screaming. In fact, I think he would prefer that I simply devote my undivided attention on him at all times.

He insists that I take lunch and supper breaks with him as my sole companion. I am often required to hold him or entertain him through my own meals, and I am becoming more adept at eating with only one hand. In fact, I am becoming much better at performing a variety of tasks with only one hand.

What is the remuneration for a job of such description? I cannot even be paid in dollars.

My boss has a smile that melts me. It soothes my tired brain and softens my entire being. He has a way of looking at me that tells me he trusts no one quite as implicitly and unflinchingly the way he does me. He snuggles in to my heart and widens it beyond belief. He gives my life meaning and explodes it with joy.

It is the hardest, but the best job I have ever had. I am proud to have the job of being Isaac’s Mom!

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4 thoughts on “My new job

  1. What a beautiful way to describe this adventure that you are on! It brought tears to my eyes, so true and wonderful all at the same time!! They do make it all worth it!!!!

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