25 random things about me

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25. I usually delete anything that smacks of a chain letter or emails that threaten me that I must pass them on to seventeen people or I will have bad luck for the next seventeen days. I do not like to be bossed about electronically. However, sometimes when I am particularly down on my luck, I have been known to forward one. Sorry to all who received them.

24. I now know what people meant when they told me that when I was with the right person I would “know”. I appreciate knowing what true love really is. I am blessed to have a such a strong partner; strong in mind, in character and in his love.

23. I love coffee. People who spend any time with me in the morning appreciate the importance of a full cup in my hand. I am currently cleansing myself of caffeine, and I sometimes feel a deep sadness about it.

22. I love clean sheets. On the days I have changed the bed I can hardly wait for bedtime.

21. I thought that I disliked cats, turns out I was wrong. Fergus and Willie are little buddhas. Watch a cat and you truly learn to live. Sleep in a sunny spot, stretch often, eat small meals throughout the day, exercise in a playful way and snuggle with people you love at night.

20. My mother is my life coach; she is my emotional and spiritual rock.

19. Yoga is the best medicine I have ever found.

18. I am in awe of my brother as a father. It brings me to tears to see him with his daughter.

17. It is no surprise to those in my family that I became a teacher. I used to pay my brother to be my student. One Christmas I asked for a Teacher Plan Book, I was 9.

16. I sometimes practice my tap steps ever so quietly and discreetly in front of my classes. I do it more vigorously while alone cooking in my kitchen.

15. My friends are paramount to me. I wish I had more time to spend with all of them. I treasure the moments I do get.

14. Reminders of my time in Japan make me want to return there. I can smell cherry blossoms when I think of it.

13. I love CBC Radio. Especially Q, DNTO, The Age of Persuasion and As It Happens. I also have a secret crush on George Strombolopolous.

12. Music inspires me. I regret that I do not play an instrument. I love to watch (with a great green envy) those who do.

11. I think Bob Dylan and I could be really great friends if he spent some time getting to know me the way I have gotten to know him.

10. I love freshly painted toenails and flip flops. Thinking about the end of summer and covering up toes in socks and boots is very depressing.

9. I miss my childhood cottage. I love to look out over bodies of water. Salted sea glass makes me a little weepy.

8. I hate clutter. I believe in “everything has a place, everything in its place.”

7. I love books. I love the first crack of the spine, clean pages. I will have a home with a real library, shelves upon shelves of books. The sooner the better.

6. Most of the artwork in my home was painted by my Grandmother. I cherish those reminders of her.

5. I love candle-light.

4. I am sensitive and emotional. This often does not bode well for me.

3. Dark chocolate can change my mood in an instant.

2. Red wine doesn’t hurt either.

1. I live a charmed life because of the people I share it with. I never worry about low points, bad days, or strife— I have been saved from them all, always, by the people I am lucky enough to have in and sharing my journey.

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