Are you too lazy, or too busy?

It seems to me that this is an unfair question right now, or it is particularly revealing. Only twelve days in to my summer vacation, I have to honestly answer that I am being much too lazy. Had I been asked a month or two ago, I would have answered the latter. However, I think this defines the balance of being a teacher. We work hard and steadily for ten months and then relish a two month rest, to prepare to do it again.
I strive for balance in my life; I hate the idea of being too busy or too lazy. I like to have times when I am functionally busy and equally, those when I am restoratively lazy. I try not to be too busy for people whom I care about. Though I am sometimes lazy with initiating a phone call, I strike a balance with a text or an email. My work life is busy, but I make time to enjoy a conversation while getting my cup of coffee and, though it is often quicker to send an email to a colleague, I often overcome my laziness and make my way to see someone in person instead. I am too lazy to really clean my house, I wish I were too busy, then I might feel justified to pay someone to do it properly. I am both too busy and too lazy to read War and Peace; I try not to be too busy or too lazy to do yoga.
I am glad that I was not too lazy to get started on this project; but I am too busy enjoying my sun-shiny deck and reading the pile of novels I was too busy to read this school year to stay and write any more.